Hyperlink creativity contest is looking for partners/organizations

Oproep van Annebel Bunt: I’m looking for partners/organizations, who are eager to open their spaces during the 2023 Hyperlink event, host workshops, guide (big) group projects, assist in organizing, and more. If you’re interested in being a part of this creative explosion or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! πŸ‘‹

“I am super excited to announce that Stichting Catnip got funded by Gemeente Enschede and gets to bring the 2023 Hyperlink creativity contest into existence!
🌟 Hyperlink is our invitation to all imaginative individuals in the region to showcase their skills, unleash their creativity, and engage in a 48-hour creativity battle that connects multiple cultural locations across the city. With the values of creativity, innovation, and technology at its core, Hyperlink will turn Enschede’s dream of being the capital of creativity, technology, and innovation into a reality!
in 2020 we organized the first edition of WARP Jam. Within 3 weeks we connected over 150 people who participated in a non-stop 48-hour creativity battle, putting their talent on display with the goal of collectively proving the unmissable value creative-technology breeding ground WARP Technopolis brings to a city like Enschede. ⚑ In 2021 we got the opportunity from Sickhouse to host the second edition as part of the Overkill Festival!
The mission of the first WARP Jam has been successfully achieved, and it’s time to level up. πŸš€ In 2023, we’ll broaden our horizons as Hyperlink goes go city-wide. Let’s show the world the creative power Enschede has to offer!
πŸ“ The creative spaces of Enschede play a crucial role in fostering and nourishing talent. We want to collaborate with as many cultural partners as possible, opening up satellite locations all across Enschede. πŸ“’From well-established and well-known cultural venues to experimental and underground hot spots, we’ll put equal attention into each space to help make them more accessible and visible to a wider audience.
Participants and spectators will embark on a creative journey like no other. They will be able to visit and participates in hotspots of creative thinking, making, and living, all across the city, and therefore can access the tools and knowledge they need to unleash their creativity and make even bigger creative projects!
πŸ”₯ Through this new approach we’re not just linking the creative sector of Enschede, we’re hyperlinking it!”
meer info via: https://www.facebook.com/Annebubbeltje